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1. 一五一十部落 – 1510.cn

这个网上部落是由中国电视记者的Rose 闾丘露薇创立, 汇集了不同的中国作家和博主写的文章。部落的名字是借中国的其中一个成语:一五一十,意思是“客观的把叙述原原本本,没有遗漏的传达”。一五一十部落只有一个愿景和目标,那就是:提供独立的意见和有价值的信息。 这个目标让一五一十部落桥传统媒体渠道的新闻和博客之间的意见,努力成为一个为读者提供有价值的信息的平台。

1510 (yi wu yi shi) is a popular idiom in the Chinese language that means “to tell something exactly as it happens”. This online platform created by Chinese TV journalist Rose LuQiu LuWei brings together articles written by different Chinese writers and bloggers. With only one vision and aim: to provide independent opinions and valuable information, 1510 bridge the gap between news from traditional media channels and opinions from citizen bloggers, striving to be a platform that provides valuable information for its readers.

2. 共识网 – 21ccom.net

共识网是于2009年7月1日由立德贡士网络媒体技术(北京)有限公司创立的一个网站。 这个网站因名为共识网,其目的是要在“大变革时代”找到人民的共识。其网站报道的内容包括国际事项,博客的想法和历史观点等等。通过一系列位于中国作家的文章和时事观点, 共识网提供了一些能启发读者的一些文章,让读者认识中国人的一些思想于看法。

21ccom.net is a platform founded by Lide Gongshi Network Media Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd. The website was founded on 1st July 2009. 21ccom.net Chinese name 共识网 (GongShi Wang) means the website of consensus, and its aim is to find consensus amongst the people in “an era of great change”. Its content includes international affairs, individual thoughts, historical interpretation and a look into China. The different articles and perspectives by a range of different Chinese writers helps readers be informed in different happenings within China as well as the opinions of the China citizens themselves.

3. 牛博国际 – bulloger.com

牛博 (一个“部落格”上的字打)官方网站由罗永浩于2006年创办。在执行期间有多次被政府关闭。2007年间被政府不幸的被封之后,罗永浩设立了这个国际版的牛博网。罗永浩因不满中国的审查制度而创立了这个网络平台。因此牛博网发表的文章都是一些中国博客对中国的文化,政治,经济,和社会等等的自由和大胆的看发,思想和意见。这些文章成为了中国人和外国人能了解现代中国社会。

This first official bulloger website (a word play on the word “blog” in Chinese) was founded by Luo Yonghao in 2006. After being shut down by the government, this international version of the original website was created. Dissatisfied with the censorship legislation, Luo Yonghao strives for contents from various Chinese bloggers that are bold and liberal, a different view from articles published by traditional media channels restricted by censorship law. Articles featured also touches on various aspects such as: cultural, political and economical issues.

4. 豆瓣 - Douban  

Douban.com, launched on March 6, 2005, is a Chinese SNS website allowing registered users to record information and create content related to film, books, music, and recent events and activities in Chinese cities. For registered users, the site recommends potential interesting books/movies/music to them in addition to serving as a social network website and record keeper; for unregistered users, the site is a good place to find ratings and reviews of books/movies/music.  Some Chinese authors and critics register their official personal pages on the site.

Douban is a blogging platform favoured by young urban Chinese people, and allows a direct insight into emerging trends.





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