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I’m a girl, 19 years old, almost a sophomore in college. My current boyfriend, who’s 3 years older than I am, was my childhood friend from a young age. We had a crush on each other then, but because of family reasons, a misunderstanding between our parents, we had no choice but to break off contact. From anger and sadness at first, until later when we accepted our fate, we had no contact for more than 10 years. I also had someone a liked in high school. One time by chance he came to pick me up at the station and saw how I had changed. I had gone from a naughty little girl to a warm, loving, smiling young woman. Originally, I mistakenly believed that he must have a girlfriend, but later I found out that he was in his 3rd year of university, and he still had not fallen in love. There had been girls chasing after him, but he refused them all. After a while, he called me to say something, which was that we should being with each other. At that time, I thought it was too presumptuous, too surprising, after all we hadn’t seen each other in more than 10 years, and didn’t really know each other at all. After thinking for a few days, I refused. Later, when he was a senior in college and I was a freshman, we maintained a brother-sister relationship. Every time I got a call from him, I felt especially happy. His steady humor was infectious, and slowly I fell in love with him. When he was about to graduate, he asked me to go visit him at his university, and I agreed. That night he gently kissed me, and said that he had always tried to think of me as a little sister, but he discovered he couldn’t do it. I was moved by him, and we started dating. My mom and his dad both supported our relationship. Now, he has graduated and is working, and I’m still a student. When we had been together 2 months, he proposed, but I thought it was too early. When I saw his disappointed face, I was quite undone myself. 我还是处,想把初夜留在新婚的时候,but I was also afraid he would feel that I didn’t trust him. I really treasure this feeling, and thought we might get through to the end. Do you all think my decision was right?

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