How will the book publishing industry get healthier? – 图书出版界如何实现健康良性运行? – English

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There are many problems in the Chinese book critic industry, and even in the publishing industry, particulalry connected to the deterioration of their environment. For instance, bookstores are struggling to survive, the book market is silting up, people spend less and less time reading. Therefore, it is crucial to create a healthy and benevolent book publishing market, otherwise, under the pressure of the external environment, it will increasingly go down.

But how to create this environment? At the macro level, book critics, publishers and media all need to work hard on their own issues, this is the only way ahead. I have offered a specific analysis in the previous articles of the series, I’m simply adding a few more suggestions here. For reviewers, sticking to their values and 写作操守 is the bottom line, no reason or rhetorics can justify plagiarism, and it’s even worse, when plagiarism is exposed, to refuse apologies, and like an ostrich, dig their heads in the sand. On this basis, they should continually try to improve their own writing, give to their readers better and more varied book recommendations, and produce original and valuable book-reviews.

I’ve observed private publishers in recent years, and even though I generally think highly of their achievements and hard work, I believe something requires our attention. Some publishers use commercial speculation excessively. These tricks did earn them an instant success, but in the long term, commercial tricks won’t be appropriate. Once their commercial speculation is excessive, publishers will receive readers’ criticisms, and the result will be the opposite of their expectation. Readers are not fools, they care about the quality of books. Publishers will eventually be trapped by their excessive use of commercial speculation. In addition, publishers can not purely pursue profits. They also need to have spiritual pursuit. After all, publishers can’t just become rude new-rich.

For the media, things are relatively simple. All they need is for the book sections, or the editors and writers of the book sections, to continually improve their skills and judgement, and refuse to become a slave to the publishers or a reviewer puppet, but regain initiative, and become a critic and observer of the publishing industry, and promote and oversee the healthy development of the publishing industry. In their columns, they must make sure to present themselves are readers sharing the taste and enjoyment of their readers, and offer readers a rich and nutritious cultural feast.


Although physical bookstores are experiencing difficulties, people are not happy to see the public space they constitute disappear. Although electronic and digital reading are gaining popularity, many people are still nostalgic for paper reading. Although time is more and more busy, rhythm faster and faster, people still yearn after the slower life, quietly sipping tea and reading a book in the afternoon. And this should remind us all that people’s desire for books, particularly good books, will not weaken with the changing times, on the contrary, it may become stronger and stronger. Therefore, in this situation, changing patterns of thought and making the publishing market more dynamic, improving quality when producing cultural products, and facing the future, to promote a healthy long-term development of the Chinese book market, this requires a joint proposition of everyone to the Chinese publishing industry, this will require everyone to work together.

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