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Text By Jiong Jiong - 燛駫

Jing Jiong (simplified Chinese: 燛駫, traditional Chinese: 燛駫, pinyin Jǐng Jiōng) is the pseudonym of a young Chinese blogger. Jiong Jiong was born in the late 1980s in Urumqi and later moved to Shanghai. Post time spent studying in Australia he returned to Shanghai, before finally moving to France. He describes his interests as varied, encompassing philosophy, pedagogy, gender studies and sociolinguistics. His pseudonym comprises two characters almost completely unused in modern Chinese. 燛駫,男,八十年代末的一个春天出生于乌鲁木齐。十岁随父母迁沪,十八岁负笈澳洲。毕业后回沪,先后失学、待业、失业。现在法兰西外省读点儿小书,被折磨得死去活来。自十六岁起写博客,断断续续好多年,博文风格也改变不少。性格不如以前暴躁了,但仍很容易得罪人,基本上是本事不大脾气不小型。喜欢的东西很杂,基本看心情。 师范生,专钻故纸堆,略通葡法德。其他感兴趣的领域还有哲学(特别是大陆哲学和政治哲学)、语言学(特别是社会语言学和历史语言学)、性别研究、考古,喜欢跟人类学和社会学的人聊天,觉得他们很渊博。理工科生中跟搞