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Text By 李野航 - Li Yehang

Li Yehang is a prolific online essayist and writer. Born in 1971 in Chengdu, he describes himself as primarily a lover of Chinese studies. He studied under calligrapher and poet Ding Lihe, who he credits with a great influence on his work. To date, Li Yehang has published over 400 essays via my1510, and has gained an influential following for his unique approach to religion, philosophy, modern issues and cross-continental intellectual dialogue, for example his use of Buddhist thought to interpret Christian scripture in his series \'Li Yehang reads the Bible\'. 破立人生自此初,满天云月霁清虚。百怀渐似潮宗海,双手须推户转枢。一点心珠争璀璨,万千尘马竞模糊,弥天去路宽还窄,信步人寰任卷舒。