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The murder case which happened in Canada recently and shocked the world caused strong public concern. The victim was studying at Concordia University, he was a 33 year old exchange student from Wuhan, in China.  He was raped after being brutally killed by Luka Rocco-Magnotta, a porn-film star, and his murderer then ate some of his flesh.


After the fact was covered by the press, all sorts of rumours spread like wildfire. There have been speculations that Jun and his killer were a couple, and that the two had been secretely dating before Jun was killed – more specifically that there was a conflict between them, motives unknown to the external world. The police believes this is an isolated criminal case, in other words, that it does not involve organised crime targeting special ethnic groups.


Magnotta, who starred in bisexual porn movies, certainly was a sexual pervert. From the analyses of criminal psychology, after he killed his victim, he engaged in necrophilia, and then ate part of the body – which is extremely abnormal sexual behaviour. In the video that circulated on the internet, Lin Jun and Magnotta are having sexual relations, and in the middle of their SM role play, Magnotta – who had a history of mental illness – loses control, rapes Lin Jun, and kills him. Before that media attention, Magnotta had done some modelling work, acted in bisexual porn movies, and worked as a homosexual escort in Canada and overseas; he also abused and killed a cat, which caused outrage from animal rights activists.


However, for the specific truth of the event to emerge, we may have to wait until the killer is brought to justice. As for the family of the deceased, no one can cure their sadness. They never thought that Lin Jun, who went to Canada as an exchange student in 2011, would suffer such great misfortune there within less than a year. This is also something that he probably did not anticipate.


After the incidents, many people started paying attention to Chinese overseas students, for instance how their social and cultural differences could make them feel isolated and lonely…


With the rise of China, more and more families choose to send their children abroad for some “gold plating”. In my limited understanding, the majority of Chinese children who go aborad, not only will not come back, but fall into luxurious and dissipated life overseas, and when fallen, are beyond recovery. I have many examples close to me. When they were in mainland China, neither their family nor their school taught them the proper values and appropriate lifestyle. To say it otherwise, China is now dominated by careerism and money-worship, which leads to people having a confused and depressed emotional life. This generation is already showing a whole range of personality disorders, they live without either the burden of history or the weight of future responsibilities. In their fragmented lives, there is only money, sex and social networking online to fill the huge gap in their soul, and the fake assumption that all these things are real!


They are not psychologically prepared, and not ready to accept the discrimination of foreigners against Chinese people — when actually, the discrimination is deep-rooted, and results in Chinese people overseas having great difficulties integrating in mainstream society. This is of course caused by historical circumstances, but it also manifests Chinese people’s own problems: such as arrogance, readiness to fight and brawl, lack of civic awareness, lack of faith, and noisiness… Among these students, there are the children of officials, the children of rich people, and when they leave the country, they act as very domineering, and all their interpersonal relationships must be tense; some were seen as proud in the country, and once they go abroad, the capital on which they based their pride is not easily recognised. This creates a strong psychological gap for them, and they simply plummet and drift off.


Lin Jun was a typical case. I think, if the reports are true, that his family lacked any basic understanding of their child: they never knew about Lin Jun’s homosexuality, and its effect on his soul and personality; and when he went to study abroad, he did not receive any help or advice on the question, and was bound to lose himself in the confusion of foreign social circles.


For parents who plan to send their children abroad to study, the tragedy of Lin Jun teaches the following:


1. This world is not a paradise. Do not have too many illusions about foreign institutions and education systems. America has American democracy, China has Chinese freedom; America has America’s 9/11, China has the Chinese coal mines. If you lack any basic understanding of your own children, then you should not blindly send them abroad, no matter how much money you have, or how many contacts! A foreign environment may be beneficial to some people, but it many not be suitable for your child! It’s when your children were still around that you needed to observe, understand and analyse them.


2. To actively search for a life-saving last straw, you need to face social chaos with a clear and sober head, and identify the root cause——lack of faith. Among the contempt that the majority of Chinese people show towards faith today, you need to stay firm; in other words, you have to admit that only the appropriate beliefs, and the correct values and lifestyle that come from those beliefs, can protect your children from a whole range of man-made disasters.


The documentary “Other side”, where Biblical faith is the core value, records the stories of a number of Chinese exchange students born in the 80s and 90s overseas. Among them, 80 percent have taken to the debauchery of urban nightlife, but finally, through the Gospel of Christ, their worldview and outlook on life improve.


Another problem is that the Lin Jun case is a negative example for the whole gay community worldwide. Only to speak of China, the gay community is spreading, all sorts of gay networking websites are appearing, 各种方式的 以性爱为旗帜的诈骗案、抢劫案,也层出不穷. This is an era with clusters of evildoers. When talking about a pure human being, your expectations of human nature can never be too high, but you also need the Biblical worldview to find your unique position in the universe, in order to find true comfort, healing, and everlasting love.

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