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Although most people consider that Hong Kong’s Gay Rights March has basically no chance of forcing the legislative council to pass a new Equal Rights Act, at least, we saw the strength of humanity being born.

I have no shortage of smart friends around me, and among them are people with different sexual orientations. The most liberal among them (who is also the most educated) came out of the closet before graduating, he’s had two boyfriends since. He is currently single’ and his emotional life is no different from the joys and sorrows of other couples. I have another friend who is also very liberal, but likes to throw smoke and mirrors in front of his inclinations. I heard that his parents are helping him find a Chinese (or a Vietnamese) bride. Indeed, many Asian women go crazy at the thought of getting an American green card through marriage. If my friend accepts this marriage, I wouldn’t blame him for it, and I might also not have particular sympathy for the girl.

People, in final analysis, are social animals.

In China, I also have friends who are not attracted by the other sex. Among them, there is one who always reminds me of Jia Baoyu from Dream of Red Chambers. When he was little, he took dancing classes, he has a good voice; he also has a secret boyfriend. But recently, his parents forced him to join the army, get married and have children (I heard that barracks encouraged certain tendencies,’see dont ask dont tell policy’). Although when he now embraces his son his smile is as sweet as it was when he was younger, I feel particularly sad when I think about the situation of his wife, because I know that there is a special social category in China, called ‘gay wife’ 同妻. I was very brave and discussed this topic with my mother, but of course, she just scoffed and mocked me, she was positive that being ‘gay’ was a Western thing, and it did not exist in China.

Whether homosexuality is or isn’t a Western thing, I’m not sure. I know that, in the world, there are people who are physiologically gay 生理同性恋 and others who are psychologically gay 心理同性恋, and I don’t deny that psychological homosexuality would happen more easily in the West, where social barriers are lower than in China. But I also heard that homosexuality is commonly found among birds and mammals. For example, 10% of goats, come breeding season, will go towards goats of the same-sex, and so, China’s gay population should not be smaller than in the West.

But among us, they are very inconspicuous

For instance, do you remember that man, Mao Ning, who lost his star status because he came out of the closet? I saw his this summer, and found that he was as handsome as ever, and his voice had taken no step backward. China also has a very famous dancer called ‘Venus’. Of course, she’s now become ‘sister Venus’, and I very much like the program she hosts, ‘Venus hits the Earth’, 其中言词犀利一针见血的评论定是好过那些夸夸其谈的娱乐自己的主播很多倍,what’s more, she’s got a German husband who loves her and runs her own dance school – her success is impressive.

I particularly like what He Yunshi said yesterday: that, apart from being homosexual, gay people have numerous other identities, they can be as good as we are, they might even be better than we are, they are not excellent ‘gays’, they are excellent – people.

We are, however, equal. And all people are equal.

Oh yes, I know. I know that even in Western countries, the Equal Rights movement for gay people is not sailing smooth. But don’t we often say that Chinese culture is more inclusive and compassionate?

Today, I’m not talking about the law. I know very clearly what the possible impact of anti-discrimination and same-sex marriage laws on the current system would be. I know even more that the law always lags behind social development. But I wish that everyone could look around, and if among your circles of friends you’ve got one or two gay people, don’t let the previous suspicious of aloofness prevail, give them a hug, so they know they’re not alone.




我觉得,同性恋的问题,不是中西方的问题,因为只要是人,就会有其的意识、思想、思考、七情六欲与选择,无论在什么国度,所以说同性恋是西方的根本不成立。更何况你也说了“人归根到底,都是社会动物。”我们都是社会动物,而且我国古代就有很多同性恋的…. 我高中就曾被同性表白过了 = = 虽然我拒绝了。







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