Marco Polo Project
is a cross-cultural education design agency
based in Melbourne, Australia

Why Marco Polo Project?

In the 13th century, the travels of an Italian merchant to China became the first best-seller in Europe - so fantastic did it seem that we could even describe a world so remote. Today, millions of new Marco Polos are interacting daily with unfamiliar places and people.
As globalisation brings more of us together across cultures and languages, we must invent new forms of education for the Marco Polos of today and tomorrow. Founded in 2011 and inspired by the multicultural fabric of Melbourne, Marco Polo Project exists in order to create new forms of cross-cultural education for schools, universities, businesses and communities, with a focus on connection, culture and communication.

  • Our programs allow participants to acquire the tools and methods that will help them build new connections with unfamiliar people and places.

  • Our programs allow participants to acquire greater cultural self-awareness and greater appreciation for cultures other than their own.

  • Our programs allow participants to acquire the skills and language to articulate their values and communicate their experience to different audiences.

What we do

Marco Polo programs help learners from diverse languages and cultures harness the power of communication to build new connections, make sense of their own cultural tradition, and engage in new forms of collective experience. We work with clients as a boutique consulting and education design agency, and run or support the following programs.

Translation Club

Translation Club gathers speakers of Chinese and English for collaborative translation and cultural deep learning. Learn more.

Design for Diversity

Design for Diversity harnesses design thinking to better integrate international students in the senior years of high-school. Learn more.

Out of the Box

Out of the Box equips international students at university with tools and mindsets to better interact with the local environment. Learn more.


Switch-on provides custom consulting and training to culturally diverse teams collaborating through technology. Learn more.

Marco Polo Incubator

Marco Polo Incubator is a cross-cultural education R&D Lab for new impact programs, resources and activity formats. Learn more.
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